Client Testimonials

In January 2012 I decided it was time to make a change , feeling unhappy with the way I looked and felt, I knew I had to do something , disliking the gym environment and lacking self – motivation I decided to find a personal trainer , Ian was introduced to me trough a family member and I instantly liked him as he understood what I wanted to achieve and made me feel totally at ease which was really important to me, a week later we started our sessions , when I started I weighed 10st 4lb and wore a dress size 12-14 not being able to run round the cricket pitch without needing to stop and gasping for breath wasn’t enjoyable but Ian told me I could do it and I needed to believe in myself , I slowly started to improve and when I started to notice the results I was so happy . In June this year I completed the Shenstone 10k without stopping something I never thought possible but again without Ian’s belief in me, encouragement and constant words of advice I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this , now weighing 9st and dress size 8 , not only my appearance but my life has been transformed with Ian’s help , I always feel full of energy and live a much healthier lifestyle which benefits my whole family including my 2 young sons. My story shows that with commitment , hard work and the right personal trainer anything is possible, so if after reading this your still thinking should you call Ian I would say YES it was truly the best decision I have ever made and have never looked back
Clare Thomas
I have always enjoyed sport, fitness and was a regular gym goer until I met Ian and began his bootcamps. I knew I had plateaued in my training programme and couldn’t see how i could kickstart my weight loss or increase my general fitness levels. Ian has changed my entire perspective on health and fitness his knowledge is undoubtably vast and his passion for changing his clients lives for the better is inspiring. I started Bootcamp in Nov 11 and within 2 months I’d lost half a stone and was fitter and faster! By June I’d entered my first triathlon and had began Ian’s diet plan. By September I entered another triathlon, knocked 25 mins of my previous time, lost a further half a stone, adopted a lean body shape and am the fittest I’ve ever been! I love my new way of life, which I can’t imagine ever giving up!
Sophie Bullock
Andy 47. Apprehensive at first not wanting to join a Zumba class and be the only bloke there I went,how wrong could I have been! Aldridge Fit Club gives me the best hour long work out. With a mixture of Cardio,Abs,Upper Body and Fat Burning exercises. Ian monitors my strengths and weaknesses to tone and increase my overall fitness. Within six months of attending I am now fitter and faster than I was four years ago. So much so that I have started to compete in local 10k runs again. I am achieving better results than I was when I was four years younger. Fitness freak No. Feeling good Yes. Thanks Ian.
Andy Iredale
Ian is a fantastic trainer, very knowledgable and frequently changes up his routines. What impresses me most about Ian though is that he takes personal care with each client, knows everybody by first name but doesn’t have favorites and always has time for everyone at whatever level of fitness they are.
Anthony Levell
I was introduced to Aldridge FitClub back in July and thought I’d give it a try. I love the idea of having a group of people with different abilities together training to get fitter and loose weight. Ian is a great teacher and really gets you motivated. His bootcamps are made up of various different exercises and I always feel like I have had a total body workout every time I go. I couldn’t run a mile before I started and now after advice and determination from him and the others at Bootcamp my fitness levels have increased majorly and I look forward to going every time! My main aim in attending is to loose weight and after 2 months of Bootcamps and help with a diet plan from Ian I have managed to loose 2st in total so far, a definate result! I reccommend Aldridge FitClub to anyone and I’ll now carry on going and watch my fitness levels get higher and higher.
Jenny Whiturch
I have been going to Aldridge Fit Club/bootcamp for about 8 months now after an ongoing back problem prevented me from continuing to run every day. Ian has been great in helping me concentrate on other areas of fitness as well as recognising my strengths and weakness. Now not only do I feel much healthier but my overall body tone and fitness levels have improved immensely.
Julie Iredale